Phillis Nelson



R.I.P. We will miss a wonderful young lady and friend (1/25/1963 - 5/21/2015).

Some of you have asked why there have been no updates to the schedule for the Hurricane Creek Bluegrass Band. That is because Phillis has been very sick since the last update. Below is a copy of a post she put on her Facebook page that explains her situation.

Posted on Facebook by Phillis on May 7, 2015.

Good morning friends and loved ones. It's been a whirlwind around here the past couple of so first of all let me bring you up to speed on whats going on on in my little corner of the world. In Oct 2011 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. In Oct 2012 it was classified as stage 4 when it metastasized to my liver. Approx 2 weeks ago my oncologolist told me that there'res really nothing further that can be done as my liver has begun to fail. I will try to answer any questions in a more timely manner going forward and try not to cause everyone to worry so. I love you all so vey much, and I thank you each for all the prayers! (And yes, its true. There is a coffin currently sitting in my garage!! We went and picked it out Saturday!)

Her friends are putting on a benefit for her and Stan next month. I am including a copy of the flyer for the benefit. If you live in the area where the benefit is being held, please help with your support.